Industry and trade

Chemical parks/refineries | Industrial plants/power stations | Gas stations and tank farms | Recyclable materials recycling yards – Scrap yards | Airports – Ports – Train stations | Car washes and wash yards | Foundation lines

Municipal applications

Drinking water production and water protection areas | Flooding areas/pressurized groundwater | Root protection | Foundation pipes subject to chemical or thermal stresses | Gas-tight wastewater pipelines | Areas with contaminated sites | Tension-resistant connections due to ground settlement

Agricultural plants (JGS plants)

Biogas plants | Mobile silo plants | Slurry transport pipelines | Rainfall or trickling systems | Stables | Filling areas | Manure storage/manure plates

Other applications

The company SABUG stands for innovative solutions in the field of plastic products. Our planning and design team always finds a way to accomplish even the most complicated tasks. This is done with expertise and always in compliance with technical regulations.