Root protection

It’s part of a good urban climate – trees on or around our streets!

And it is commonplace that they grow in the area of sewage pipes. Root ingrowth occurs in sewer systems due to poor or leaky pipe joints and voids, or due to poor compaction and washout. In many old pipelines, ideal foundations are found for such growth, because the environment is warm, moist and rich in nutrients.

If a root grows into the pipe connection, the sewer is leaky in the sense of DIN 1986-100 and must be rehabilitated, regardless of whether there is an actual backwater or not. The resulting damage, however, can be enormous and often results in high financial and technical expenses.

Welding the pipe joints with the IP-plus welding system creates a material bond at the molecular level. Root ingrowth is thus just as impossible as growing through the pipe wall itself.

Of course, the protective measures are not limited to the pipes themselves. Road inlets and manhole connections may also be infested. Here, too, Sabug offers the right system!

When using the IP-plus welding system, it is possible to alternate welded and rubber-sealed joints as required.


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