Tank and container systems for the storage of contents, some of which are hazardous to water, always place high demands on stability, tightness and accessibility in underground applications.
SABUG tanks and vessels are made of high-quality, highly chemically resistant polyethylene (PE-HD) and are designed for underground installation. The tanks and vessels are designed and manufactured according to the needs of the customers. The system is characterized by high stability and resistance. Due to their low weight, they are easy and quick to install even in the tightest spaces. A comprehensive quality assurance program ensures excellent quality of each tank.

Technical fundamentals

All tanks are designed for traffic loads of up to SLW 60 (10 t wheel load) and groundwater levels up to the top of the tank. However, higher traffic loads and groundwater levels are possible upon request. The structural analysis is carried out depending on all forces resulting from traffic loads, groundwater pressure and installation depth.
All tanks are double-walled and offer enormous advantages due to integrated leakage monitoring, especially with regard to the strict requirements of the new AwSV 2018.
A buoyancy check and a static calculation are supplied on request. A sophisticated process is used to prevent the tank from floating up in the event of rising groundwater, if necessary.
The low dead weight (e.g. 50 m³ approx. 4.5 t) enables the prefabricated elements to be installed quickly and effectively – even without a truck-mounted crane or other heavy equipment. The SABUG tank system can be used to produce tanks of various designs from 6 m³ to > 1000 m³ storage volume and from 1.00 to 3.60 meters internal diameter. Individuelle Anschlussmöglichkeiten werkseitig von DN 100 bis > DN 600.

Application areas

  • Extinguishing water storage tank according to DIN 14320
  • Process and storage tanks in the chemical industry
  • Agricultural storage tanks
  • Brine tank
  • Rain storage
  • Process and storage tanks in biogas plants
  • Sedimentation plants
  • Surge tank in swimming pool technology
  • etc.


  • High static stability – up to traffic loads SLW 60
  • High stability against groundwater
  • High chemical resistance
  • Low weight due to lightweight construction
  • Double wall construction for effective leakage monitoring
  • Flexible adjustment of the required volumes
  • Leakage monitorable due to double wall profile

Up to a storage volume of 150m³, the tanks are delivered to the construction site in a prefabricated component. Larger volumes are professionally welded on site by specially trained service teams.