Swell sealing systems

According to the AwSV, special designs are prescribed on manhole chucks, which describe, for example, penetrations on concrete structures to plastic pipelines. As a rule, here are required so-called wall collars. By means of the SABUG source sealing systems, components are provided in accordance with the pipe dimensions, which reliably seal against pressing water both from the outside and from the inside. Appropriate testing with regard to LAU and JGS resistance is, of course, available.


SABUG swelling rubber – SealItem no.DimensionInner dimension
Swell seal DN 11030710DN 110110 mm
Quelldichtung DN 12530712DN 125125 mm
Swell seal DN 16030716DN 160160 mm
Swell seal DN 20030720DN 200200 mm
Swell seal DN 25030725DN 250250 mm
Swell seal DN 31530730DN 315315 mm
Swell seal DN 40030740DN 400400 mm
Swell seal DN 50030750DN 500500 mm
Swell seal DN 60030760DN 600630 mm