SABUG syphon shaft DN 300

System manhole for hydraulic odor shut-off of sewage pipes.

A wide variety of wastewater collects in wastewater pipes. As a result, not insignificant odor nuisances can arise. To prevent these odors from escaping at the openings of the sewage system, most drains of rainwater or fecal-free sewage are equipped with so-called odor traps in the form of water traps. However, this is not possible for all components. SABUG offers the solution in the form of a syphon shaft which works reliably as a central odor trap.


  • High chemical resistance
  • maintenance-free
  • Lightweight, strong and tightly welded construction
  • Removal of traffic loads around the shaft
  • Freely adjustable installation depth

Technical data:

  • Diameter of the shaft: d = 300 mm (clear width)
    D = 315 mm
  • Material: Polypropylene (PP)
  • Depth of the shaft bottom: H = 850 mm/1850 mm
  • Installation depth: H2 = 950 mm/1950 mm
  • Inlet connection: DN 150 directly connectable to KG pipe
  • Drain connection: DN 150 directly connectable to KG pipe
  • Cover: D400 (40 to.)
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Assembly Notice:
The shaft is installed and compacted in layers in accordance with DIN EN 1610.
The cast-in-place concrete frame is constructed on site under the cover so that no traffic loads act on the shaft.

The shaft can be easily shortened on site using a standard saw, or extended in height using a shaft extension.

Connections directly weldable with the IP-plus welding system!

SABUG syphon shaft DN 315 /160