Foundation pipes

Drainage in foundations and floor slabs for rainwater and wastewater pipes

Wastewater pipes in foundation structures pose a great challenge to the company carrying out the work. As a rule, these pipe systems are installed between, under or above the reinforcing bars.
Despite all the cramped conditions, all the requirements for location, direction and slope must be met. In addition, it must be ensured that the pipe structure remains undamaged and intact during the pouring of the concrete as well as during the subsequent construction of the building.
If, for example, the socket joint becomes loose or leaks during the preparatory work, the pipeline is lost and can no longer be used.
Due to the PP surface material, the IP-plus welding system offers the same chemical and thermal resistance as the pipe material.

Basically, welded pipelines form homogeneous joints that offer decisive advantages. Welding the pipeline in the foundation with the SABUG IP-plus welding system absolutely ensures that the pipeline remains securely and tightly connected from start to finish.



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