Monitoring systems

Fermentation and leachate tanks must be monitored in accordance with the Technical Rules for Substances Hazardous to Water (TRwS)!
According to these requirements, leakage monitoring and/or overfill protection must be provided starting at 25 m³. SABUG offers the appropriate solutions for this.
All our tanks are double-walled constructions, which have an appropriate interstitial space between the inner and outer shells. The interstitial space can be reliably monitored with the aid of appropriate sensor technology. Leaks in both the inner and outer shell are indicated accordingly.
In the same way, level measurements with an accurate, continuous indication of the container contents, as well as overfill protection can be realized. Corresponding warning devices such as a horn or rotating beacon are also components of the sensory equipment. Always designed according to customer requirements!
Of course, all components of the monitoring system comply with the requirements of the Water Resources Act (WHG) and, if required, have the approvals for WHG and ATEX.
The entire sensor system is pre-assembled in the factory and delivered to the construction site as a “plug and play” version. Only the cables have to be laid and connected to the control cabinet according to the connection diagram.


  • Leakage monitoring
  • Level indicator (continuous)
  • Overfill protection
  • Pump control
  • Flow measurement
  • Temperature detection

You can find more information to measurement technique here!