SABUG road salt container

Container made of resistant polyethylene (PE-HD) for transport and dosage of road salt in inaccessible areas of public traffic areas.

The state laws regulate winter services, i.e. the obligation to clear and grit the roads. The cities and municipalities themselves are responsible for the professional and timely execution of this duty. In general, cities and municipalities transfer these duties to the property owners – where possible. However, all areas cannot be transferred. Sophisticated gritting vehicles have been available for gritting roads for many years. But what about small streets, alleys, or hard-to-reach facilities? There, the only option left to the city is gritting by hand or, if necessary, with a hand gritting truck.

With today’s methods, the road salt is poured directly onto the flatbed truck. As a rule, this happens in a rather undefined way, so that even with the best protection with foil, the salt comes into contact with the body of the vehicle. As a result, the cars rust quickly!

The SABUG gritting salt container offers the possibility to perfectly fix the gritting salt on small flatbed trucks, to transport it and to easily dose it on the spot into hand gritting trucks.


  • Protection of the carrier vehicle against rust through hermetic separation from the vehicle
  • Material of the container: resistant PE-HD and stainless steel
  • Simple and safe dosing with dosing hose
  • Traffic-safe fixation through 4-fold bracing
  • Salt volume adjusted to the possible total weight of the carrier vehicle. Loading volume approx. 700 liters (corresponds to approx. 850 kg of road salt)