Chemical parks/refineries

Chemical products as well as all other goods that are produced on a large industrial scale have become an integral part of our everyday life: commodities made of plastic, metal, etc. that are processed into high-tech products make our lives easier, more comfortable, more worth living. In addition to the products, however, wastewater is also produced, the ingredients of which cannot always be clearly defined. In this case, the so-called concern principle applies.

Installations to this extent fall under Section 62 para. 1 sentences 1 and 2 WHG and must be designed and installed, maintained, operated and decommissioned in such a way that there is no reason to fear any adverse change in the properties of water bodies.

This principle of concern, which is also formulated in § 32 and § 48 WHG, places strict requirements on the operator and all other persons working at the plant. The aim is not only to avert specific threats to water bodies, but to achieve such a level of safety that adverse alteration of water bodies is unlikely based on human experience.

For the discharge of these substances Sabug always offers the right system for the discharge and storage of these substances with the highest safety requirements according to WHG.