SABUG Throttle Manhole DN 400

System manhole for fixed throttling of rainwater.

Favored by climate change, heavy rainfall events continue to increase from year to year. Cities and municipalities are increasingly finding that the pipe cross-sections calculated years ago for stormwater pipes have long been inadequate. For this reason, it makes sense to limit the inflow of rainwater in new buildings.


  • simple throttle emergency overflow combination
  • simple and easy to maintain
  • fixed throttle function
  • Covers cl. A 15 to D 400
  • Arbitrarily extendable

Technical data:

  • Durchmesser des Schachtes: d = 375 mm (lichte Weite)
    D = 400 mm
  • Material: Polypropylene (PP)
  • Depth of the shaft bottom: H = 850 mm/1850 mm
  • Installation depth: H2 = 950 mm/1950 mm
  • Inlet connection: DN 150 directly connectable to KG pipe
  • Drain connection: DN 150 directly connectable to KG pipe
  • Cover: : D 15 (1.5 to.) or D400 (40 to.)
  • Max. Retention Volume: 50 liter
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