AwSV container for LAU plants

Bearings and process vessels for highest requirements

The SABUG container system made of high-quality, chemically highly resistant polyethylene (PE-HD). Each tank or vessel is designed and produced according to the planning requirements. The entire container and tank system is characterized by high stability and resistance. Due to a double-walled structure, the SABUG container and tank system offers the highest safety standard. A comprehensive quality assurance program ensures excellent quality of each component.


  • High static stability – up to traffic loads SLW 60
  • High stability against groundwater
  • High chemical resistance
  • Low weight due to lightweight construction
  • Double wall design
  • Flexible adjustment of the required volumes
  • Leakage monitorable due to double wall profile
  • Optional buoyancy protection

Drainage systems according to § 62 para. 1 sentences 1 and 2 WHG and must be such that an adverse change in the properties of water bodies is not to be feared. For this reason, a DIBt approval has already been applied for all tank systems in order to meet all requirements of the Water Resources Act (WGH). (DIBt- GeschZ 40.21-56/21)

In principle, all tanks are designed for live loads of up to SLW 60 (10 t wheel load) and groundwater levels up to the top of the tank. The structural analysis is performed as a function of the live loads, groundwater pressure and installation depth.

As provided for in the relevant TRwS, all containers are equipped with an electronic leak detector in order to be able to constantly monitor the tightness of the container.

A buoyancy check and a static calculation are supplied on request. If necessary, a sophisticated procedure is used to prevent the tank from being driven up in the event of groundwater being present, with the aid of an appropriately calculated geogrid structure.

The low dead weight (e.g. 50 m³ approx. 4.5 t) enables rapid installation of the prefabricated elements. No truck-mounted crane or other heavy equipment is needed. The SABUG tank system can be used to realize storage systems of various designs from 6 m³ to >1000 m³ storage volume and from 1.00 to 3.00 meters internal diameter. Individual connection options from DN 100 to > DN 600 at the factory.

Up to a storage volume of 100m³, the tanks are delivered to the construction site in a prefabricated component. Larger volumes are welded on site by specially trained SABUG welding teams in a professional and standard-compliant manner.

All tanks can be equipped with various fittings and accessories according to the customer’s requirements.

  • Pump connections and brackets
  • Various measuring systems
    • Vacuum leakage indicator (LAU)
    • Leakage monitoring
    • Level indicator (continuous)
    • Overfill protection
    • Pump control
    • Flow measurement
    • Temperature detection
  • Duo/Trio containers – partition walls (with or without passage)